Google Search rankings now affected by whether your website has HTTPS or not

Last week Google announced that it has started using HTTPS as a ranking criteria for websites. It means that its search algorithm will increase the ranking of the sites using secure and encrypted connections. This automatically implies that your search ranking will suffer if you are not already using a SSL certificate for HTTPS on your website.

This is an ongoing part of Google’s “HTTPS Everywhere” initiative.

  • - Initially, the weight given to HTTPS in lower compared to other factors like high quality content as Google wants to give time for website owners’ to shift to HTTPS.
  • - Hence, it is now imperative for you as a website owners now to adopt HTTPS by purchasing SSL Certificates.

The advantages of SSL certificates are not limited to SEO only. It provides:

  • Encryption on your website so that information transferred from website to the internet is secure
  • Authentication to your website so that your customers have increased trust.

Following diagram shows typical interaction between a web browser of the user and your web server:
Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 5.48.56 pm

You can read our introductory primer on SSL certificate at where we have explained the benefits, types and procedure for installation of SSL certificates.

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