What is turnaround time for reinstalling and redeployment?

In the case of VPS, a fresh instance on a different IP can be provisioned in no time at all. For a fresh instance to be provisioned on the same IP, it can take up to 30 minutes. For a back-up to be restored, the speed of restore is directly proportional to the total number of files and size of files.

In case disk failure etc, do you restore application for clients who have not taken backup service?

Disk failures are a rare event in SSD drives. Furthermore, all VPS instances are built using RAID configuration, so that no individual disk failure causes data loss or interruption in service.

In the extremely rare event that there is a multi-disk failure, bringing down the entire RAID array, we will provide the customer with another (same size/ config) VPS instance. As I’d mentioned, this can be done on a different IP in no time at all and for the same IP it can take a maximum time of 30 minutes. These will be “clean installs” and any specific application/ data you may have installed on your own would need to be restored by you.

What is TAT for issue resolutions?

There can be no set TAT (Turn Around Time) for issue resolution, as this depends completely on the complexity of the issue, that is,  how long it takes to identify the root cause, etc.

How does E2E Networks provide support to self-managed SSD VPS India customers ?

By default all our servers DO NOT come bundled with support and are self-managed. However we provide paid support which can be accessed by emailing support@e2enetworks.com and purchase of support tokens as determined by the support team based on the technical issue reported.

With the server we provide :-

1. Initial deployment of RPM/deb packages compatible with any supported Linux distribution on the server including a Control Panel(Virtualmin or Webuzo) to manage the server. If you find anything missing and available in a Linux distribution we are happy to deploy it for you.
2. We can help with the addition of SSH users and assistance in setting up key-based authentication.
3. Read our Self-help articles starting here
4. Help in password reset for virtualmin/ssh root user.
5. Server Sizing recommendations based on resource utilization
6. DDoS attack updates and auto-mitigation in case of a detection of an attack of upto 100 Mbps volume
7. First level debugging help with site slowness/site down/site un-reachability issues
8. To get access to support you can email us at support@e2enetworks.com and we’ll guide you with help on your reported issue and/or provide an option to buy paid support tokens.
9. Lifetime free DNS management account at dns.e2enetworks.net.in

What are different cost parameters i.e. CPU, RAM, Bandwidth, hard-disk?

VPS is offered at a fixed price in set increments of price & resources. There is no customization possible on VPS offerings. If you require a customized instance, you will need to look at dedicated servers. Please see https://www.e2enetworks.com/products/ssd-cloud-vps-servers/ for the complete price list of our VPS offerings. There are no separate bandwidth charges for any VPS instance.

For increased disk space we can separately offer you “Storage as a Service”. However, this storage will be based on Hard Disks and not SSDs.

What is bandwidth available at the data centers?

The data center at NOIDA has landed bandwidth of 2TB (fully redundant multiple pipes) from top ISPs like Tata, Airtel, NIXI, Reliance, etc. E2E currently consumes over 90% of total bandwidth at NOIDA Netmagic datacenter.

Can you help us expand globally, if needed?

We do not have any immediate plans of using data centers outside of India. However, we can provide global CDN services via tie ups with some of the best names in the business at best possible rates.

What are the performance numbers for your data centers like performance, availability please add others too.

Performance: Our SLA guarantees a 99.5% uptime, though we have been consistently delivering 99.99% uptime for the past few years.

Availability: Our team will be available at your service 24*7*365 to assist you at every step while you are hosted with us.

Hardware Performance: Our entire VPS cloud is built upon powerful latest generation Intel Xeon series server class processors with dedicated ECC RAM and RAID SSD storage.