A comparison of SSD VPS plans by different providers

E2E Networks has launched a new series of VPS plans, called the VPS-SSD-A plans on 15th January, 2015. These plans feature the best price performance ratio for any provider based in India. Below is a comparison of plans based on the resources at a price point of around Rs 2700 per month:

* Plans and prices accessed on 13.01.2015
* Dollar to INR conversion rate as $1 = Rs 62, 2% added for bank exchange fees Apart from the excellent plan pricing, the VPS plans has following features:

  • Hosted in India: Our datacenter is based in Delhi-NCR which means you get low latency from all over India.
  • Based on Xen virtualization: Our platform doesn’t allow overselling of RAM. It means that the physical underlying machine is not overcrowded and hence VPS’s don’t compete for resources.
  • Pro-rated billing: The billing for the VPS plans are done on a per day basis. Hence you will get refunded for the number of days you would not use the VPS in a month once the VPS is deprovisioned.
  • DDoS Protection: Our VPS plans come with DDoS protection included which has the ability to mitigate the attacks up to 1 Gbps (best effort delivery protection up to 10 Gbps at provider level)
  • Dual powered servers: The underlying physical machines are powered with dual redundant power supply, hence the probability of the servers going down because of power supply failure is very low.

Please check our comparison infographic below:
Comparison of SSD VM plans with 4 GB RAM |Create infographicsIf you want to know more about SSD VPS plans from E2E Networks, please contact us at +91-11-4084-4965 or sales@e2enetworks.com.

Providers RAM (GB) SSD (GB) vCPUs Dataflow (GB/month) Cost (Rs/month)*
E2E Networks 4 60 2 5000 1749
DigitalOcean 4 60 2 4000 2530
AWS t3.medium 3.75 4 1 100 3839